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Puri5 30 Day Fiber Supplement

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Puri5 30 Day Fiber Supplement

  • Puri5 30 Day Fiber Supplement
  • Puri5 30 Day Fiber Supplement
  • Puri5 30 Day Fiber Supplement
  • Puri5 30 Day Fiber Supplement

Puri5 30 Day Fiber Supplement


11g x 30 sachets

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Additional Information


    Detox with Puri5 naturally.  Puri5 us a unique, all natural formula designed to help your body detox and eliminate toxins from your diet so that nutrients could be better absorbed, thereby improving your overall wellness.

    Made from a selection of vegetable and fruits powder with oligosaccharides and spirulina, Puri5 supplements your body with more fibre in your diet which is essential for a healthy digestive health and helps prevent weight gain.

    Detoxify - Fibre
    Fibre is a natural 'cleansing agent' in food.  It cleanses the intestinal tracts, promoted bowel movement, helps lower cholesterol and stimulates the production of enzyme in the body.

    Premium Apple Powder
    Every 10 grams of apple powder contains pectin equivalent to that of 6-7 apples.  Apple pectin is water-soluble that promotes bowel movement to increase faecal mass and soften the stool.

    Premium Sawit Fibre (Palm Oil Fibre)
    Palm oil trunk contains 70% more lignocelluloses, a substance that binds cholesterol, bile salts, fat,s. carbohydrates and toxins to expel them from the body.

    Restore - Oligosaccharide
    Extracted rom plants, oligosaccharide promotes the growth of probiotics and Bifidobacteria to help our digestive system work efficiently.  It also strengthens the immune system and regulates blood sugar and cholesterol level.

    Regulate - Blue Algae (Spirulina)
    One of the oldest living organisms on earth, spirulina is the most nutritionally balanced food.  It purifies the blood, prevents tooth decay, promotes digestion and detoxifies liver.  It is an alkaline food that helps neutralise acidity in the body.


    Oligosaccharides, Apple Powder, Oat Bran Powder, Sawit Fiber, Wheat Powder, Spirulina, Lemon Powder, Fruits and Vegetables Powder .


    Recommended Dosage:

    Drink 1 sachet once or twice daily, 15minutes before breakfast or sleep. 


    Place 1 sachet into the shaker with 180ml drinking water. Shake well and drink immediately.