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Post Natal Tea & Soup Bundle
  • Post Natal Tea & Soup Bundle

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Post Natal Tea & Soup Bundle

  • Post Natal Tea & Soup Bundle

Post Natal Tea & Soup Bundle

12 packs
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    This tea and soup bundle is packed with nutritionous herbs like red and black dates, dang shen,  huai shan, goji berrries to help women recover quickly post childbirth. The herbs help to replenish blood, aids in digestion and improve energy levels.
    This bundle is to be consumed over a period of four weeks.


    Confinement Tea x 7 packs
    Back strengthening soup x 1 pack
    Blood nourishment soup x 1 pack
    Energising soup x 1 pack
    Revitalising soup x 1 pack
    Women's Treasure soup with black dates x 1 pack


    Confinement Tea:

    This tea is meant to be consumed during the first 14 days after childbirth.

    Rinse all ingredients in water prior to cooking. Add equal amounts of each herb to 1.5 litres of water.

    Cook on high heat until the tea has boiled and reduce to small flame for 30 minutes.


    Soup bundle:
    1 week after birth - blood nourishment and revitalising tonic soup
    2 weeks after birth - energising and women's treasure tonic soup
    3 weeks after birth - back strengthening tonic soup


    Red dates are known for their efficacy in enriching and replenishing blood and its ability to strengthen the spleen and stomach;
    Longans are sweet in nature and strengthens the heart and spleen and nourishes the blood to induce calmness. Consumption of this fruit can bring about restful sleep;
    Dang shen is a herb that is commonly used to increase Qi (energy levels) and promote blood circulation;
    Goji berries is used to help ease anaemic conditions;
    Huai shan is used to strengthen stomach and spleen and boost appetite


    Get This For:
  • Replenishing blood
  • Aiding the digestive system
  • Replenishing Qi (energy levels)

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