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Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) Capsules, 60 Caps (冬蟲夏草膠囊)

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Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) Capsules, 60 Caps (冬蟲夏草膠囊)

  • Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) Capsules, 60 Caps (冬蟲夏草膠囊)
  • Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) Capsules, 60 Caps (冬蟲夏草膠囊)
  • Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) Capsules, 60 Caps (冬蟲夏草膠囊)
  • Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) Capsules, 60 Caps (冬蟲夏草膠囊)

Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) Capsules, 60 Caps (冬蟲夏草膠囊)


500mg x 60 capsules/bottle

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Additional Information


    Our best-selling Cordyceps capsules are in new compact packaging, now in a 60 capsule bottle.

    Cordyceps capsules are the ideal supplement for increasing energy levels and improving your stamina.

    The only ingredient in our Cordyceps capsules is Hirsutella Sinensis, which is a strain of cordyceps that is proven to be 99.645% genetically identical to rare wild cordyceps according to rDNA sequence analysis (ITS 1, ITS 2 and 5.85rDNA).

    With such a close genetic similarity, our Cordyceps capsules contain natural bioactive compounds of high potency found in Wild Cordyceps, to help improve vitality and general health.

    They are recommended for anyone wishing to

    • Boosts energy and lessens fatigue
    • Improves stamina and respiratory system 
    • Supports immune system

    It is 100% suitable for vegetarians and especially effective for:

    1. Working Mums - Provides them with the sustained energy to juggle between work and family
    2. Corporate Athletes who put their career as their top priority need all the energy to stay in the game. Cordyceps capsules provide them with vitality and sustained energy to stay on top
    3. Active Seniors who need the energy levels and physical stamina to interact with friends, grandchildren and lead an active lifestyle can do so with Cordyceps capsules

    Health Concerns Recommended with Benefits
    Boosts energy and lessens fatigue  American Ginseng Tea American Ginseng helps fight fatigue. Consume with Cordyceps for the added fuel to keep going. 
    American Wild Ginseng and Tian Qi Capsules Capsules can be another option to boost energy! 
    Improves stamina and respiratory system Bottled Bird's Nest  Regular Bird's Nest intake helps moisten the lungs. Consume with Cordyceps to further improve respiratory functions 
    Hot/ Cold Cough Powder  Helps clear the respiratory system of phlegm.
    Support Immune System  Lingzhi Lingzhi is well known for supporting immunity. Consume with Cordyceps for an extra boost
    Yunzhi Aids recovery after surgery and therapy



    • 500mg of 100% Cordyceps (Hirsutella Sinensis) per capsule, the only true strain of wild cordyceps

    • 99.645% genetic similarity to rare Wild Cordyceps


    3-6 years old

    7-12 years old

    Above 12 years old/ adult


    0.5 capsule daily

    1 capsule daily

    2 capsules daily


    0.5 capsule twice daily

    1 capsule twice daily

    2 capsules twice daily


    Cordyceps capsules can be taken on an empty stomach. For young children, capsule may be opened and contents poured into food or beverages for easy consumption.


    NOTE: Please consult your physician if you are taking prescription medication or undergoing any treatment.


    The Making of Eu Yan Sang Cordyceps Capsules

    Our Cordyceps capsules are made from cordyceps harvested in an optimum natural environment for cordyceps cultivation using the most advanced bio-technological processes of purification. This ensures purity, consistency and retention of high bioactive compounds of the product.

    We replicate the natural habitat of wild cordyceps to attain pure Hirsutella Sinesis which is 99.645% genetically similar to wild cordyceps.

    We strictly replicate a unique set of growth conditions that are geographically authentic to the natural habitat of wild cordyceps. These conditions of temperature, water quality, oxygen levels, ventilation, humidity and nutrients are tightly monitored to ensure the optimal environment for the cultivation of the Hirsutella Sinesis in our Cordyceps capsules.

    By doing so, we have managed to obtain pure Hirsutella Sinesis, which is 99.645% genetically identical to that of wild cordyceps. This fact has been established by rDNA sequence analysis (ITS 1, ITS 2 and 5.85rDNA), which compares our Cordyceps capsules to the DNA sequence stored in the global gene database.

    The unique extraction techniques used in our Cordyceps capsules preserves the activity of bioactive compounds in Hirsutella Sinensis

    Hirsutella Sinensis contains a cocktail of bioactive compounds which are capable of creating positive biological activity in your body.

    Energised, small-molecule clustered water is used, which gently extracts yet at the same time preserves all the important components that matter.


    What is Cordyceps?
    Cordyceps is a fungus that is closely related to the mushroom.  There are more than 400 species.  

    Where can Cordyceps be found?
    They are typically found high up in the mountainous regions of China, Tibet and Nepal. And it is this reason that makes wild Cordyceps extremely expensive and unstainable

    Are the benefits of all Cordyceps the same?
    Not at all. The species, Cordyceps sinensis  which contains the strain Hirsutella sinensis is considered the most valuable in terms of medicinal value

    Did you know?
    Mountain people have been using this for strenuous and high altitude activities
    Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts use it to support increased oxygen uptake and higher endurance

    How do I differentiate a genuine Cordyceps sinensis supplement?
    Look at the ingredients label. Hirsutella sinensis should be the only ingredient listed. If it has other ingredients, it is a mix of other compounds and will affect the efficacy of the herb. Remember, Cordyceps sinensis is the only species that has the most medicinal value



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