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Our Milestones


2023 To continue our ESG efforts, Eu Yan Sang has installed a solar photovoltaic system on the roof-top of our office building located at 21 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore.
2022 Mitsui & Co., Ltd, a global trading and investment company, has participated as a partner in a fund managed by Tower Capital Asia. Mitsui's focus on providing evidence-based scientific solutions coincides with Eu Yan Sang's scientific approach towards quality control by providing our customers with quality, innovative, and efficacious solutions. This was an excellent synergy for the partnership.

On July 1, Mr Dominic Wong assumed the role of Group Chief Executive Officer of Eu Yan Sang International Ltd, following the retirement of the Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Aaron Boey. 
2021 Eu Yan Sang launched One Wellness Medical, a new integrative clinic concept for better patient outcomes through an inclusive east-meets-west approach.  
2020 Eu Yan Sang collaborated with three prominent healthcare organizations in the launch of an initiative aimed at offering a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) immunity-boosting product called “Co Immunity Shop (Co免疫汤 ) to support frontline medical workers in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemic. The partnering institutions include the Integrative Medical Centre of Hong Kong, the Centre for Clinical Trials on Chinese Medicine, and the State Key Laboratory of Research on Bioactivities & Clinical Applications on Medicinal Plants.  
2017 Eu Yan Sang expanded into Travel Retail and International Markets, making our products more accessible globally. 

Our long-time Group CEO Mr Richard Eu stepped down and was succeeded by Mr Aaron Boey on October 1. Mr Richard Eu was appointed to the board as Chairman of Eu Yan Sang International Ltd on October 1. 
2016 In January, Eu Yan Sang unveiled a strategic alliance with Hcare Investments Holding Limited. This partnership involves an infusion of capital and valuable management expertise aimed at establishing a scalable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) business in China.

Eu Yan Sang International Ltd was delisted from the Singapore Exchange on October 7 as part of a strategic move to embark on a new phase of growth under Righteous Crane Holding Pte Ltd. This company has been established through a collaboration between the Eu family, Tower Capital Asia, and Temasek Holdings.
2013 Relocation of Eu Yan Sang Headquarters to Tai Seng Drive, with all companies operating in Singapore integrated under one roof. .
2012 Eu Yan Sang acquired part of Healthzone Ltd to form Healthy Life Group Pty Ltd. This enables the Group to realize our vision to truly become a global integrative healthcare and wellness company.

Eu Yan Sang launched the first retail museum concept store in China, Guangzhou, at Foshan, the birthplace of founder Eu Kong.
2011 Eu Yan Sang set up a Scientific Advisory Board to provide specialized advice in the areas of science and technology relevant to the growth of the company. 

We've partnered with Nanyang Polytechnic to create a pioneering method for removing impurities from herbal products known as Zerotox®. This represents another significant breakthrough in our ongoing efforts to enhance and ensure the long-term effectiveness and safety of our products. 
2009 Together with Nanyang Polytechnic, we set up Singapore’s first Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) laboratory to boost local Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) research.
2008 Eu Yan Sang launched the Good Agronomic Practices for Herbs (EYSGAP-Herbs) Certification Scheme to ensure the safety and authenticity of TCM products. This scheme was supported and authenticated by ATP, a subsidiary of AVA in Singapore.

In addition, our group has developed the world's first online portal called iGATES (Integrated Good Agronomic Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine Electronic System) in collaboration with KOOPrime Pte Ltd. iGATES streamlines, automates, and integrates high-quality safety assurance processes for Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) herbs throughout the entire value chain. This project has received funding from The Enterprise Challenge, an initiative under the Prime Minister's Office of Singapore that promotes innovation in public services.

Collaborated with Nestle to develop a new range of ready-to-use herbal soup concentrates - known as Yang Sheng Le - which reaches out to busy consumers. This effort marks the new era of functional foods which enhance foodstuff with herbs and allow for convenient consumption.

Introducing the first Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Integrative Medical Centre in Hong Kong, combining the best practices of the East and West to provide holistic preventive and treatment services.
2007 Recognized as a caring company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.
2006 Eu Yan Sang has earned recognition from Forbes Asia as one of the top 200 "Best Under a Billion" companies in the Asia Pacific region. These accolades were awarded based on consistent growth in sales, robust return on equity and earnings, and a prerequisite for annual revenues below US$1 billion, coupled with a minimum five-year return on capital of 5% or more.

The Eu Yan Sang Centre, spanning an impressive 130,000 square feet in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, has officially opened its doors. This cutting-edge facility, dedicated to manufacturing, research and development, quality assurance, and global logistics, represents a substantial investment of over HK$110 million.

The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin, USA works with our group in distributing its prized ginseng. This results in an agreement for Eu Yan Sang to have the sole rights to worldwide distribution.

Eu Yan Sang Health Cite, our comprehensive wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) retail store which also offers fine herbal dining, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) treatment, and foot reflexology services, opens in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2005 We established a Medical Board that includes medical specialists trained in Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) physicians. This board's role was to ensure high standards of care during the development of clinical services in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and Integrative Medicine across the organization.
2003 Eu Yan Sang Hong Kong has joined forces with the Chinese University of Hong Kong to scale up the production of an antiviral formula known as Kang Du Bu Fei Pills, aimed at preventing Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) infections.
2002 The Innovation and Technology Fund(IT Fund), the Chinese University of Hong Kong(CUHK), and Eu Yan Sang(Hong Kong) Limited have unveiled key findings from a three-year research project exploring the pharmacological mechanisms behind the positive effects of Bak Foong Pills(BFP), a renowned healthcare product rooted in a century-old traditional formula. These studies have confirmed Bak Foong Pills (BFP)'s benefits in seven crucial areas and led to a new product development, Menoease Pills (aids menstrual and menopausal symptoms for elderly women).
2001 Launched the first Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Clinic in Malaysia (July) and Singapore (December), offering Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) consultations and treatments.
2000 Eu Yan Sang International Limited was publicly listed on the SGX mainboard.
1998 We received approval to sell our flagship products, Bak Foong Pills(for women's wellness) and Bo Ying Compound(for infants' wellness), in China. We then expanded our product distribution network to include major children's hospitals and later extended it to various provinces.
1996 Eu Yan Sang Hong Kong has been acquired by Eu Yan Sang International Holding, resulting in the consolidation of our operations in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore into a single entity. Having shared shareholders and management across these regions and are commencing our expansion initiatives in Hong Kong.
1993 Richard Eu organized a buyout from Lum Chang and formed Eu Yan Sang International Holdings.
1992 Eu Yan Sang Hong Kong listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
1991 Launched a new innovative product offering - American Ginseng Tea. This modern and convenient way to consume Chinese medicine and tonics; eliminates the need to brew the tea for hours.
1990 Eu Yan Sang Holdings was acquired by Lum Chang. Our group continues modernizing the medical hall business and opening new outlets, turning the business into a retail network.
1989 Richard Eu, a great-grandson of Eu Kong, joins Eu Yan Sang Holdings.
1980 Weng Li Sdn Bhd, the manufacturing arm of our office in Malaysia, was set up.
1973 Eu Yan Sang Holdings was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and incorporates both Malaysia and Singapore operations.
1950s Operations in Malaysia and Singapore are converted from proprietorship to limited company status.
1941 Eu Tong Sen passes away. Eu Yan Sang’s business was handled by administrators.
1910s Yan Sang began operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China, with the brand name Eu Yan Sang.
1900s Yan Sang branches out to other parts of Malaysia.
1890s Eu Tong Sen inherits the business from his father. By the end of the decade, he opens a second shop in Kampar.
1870s Our founder, Eu Kong, leaves his hometown of Foshan in Guangdong, southern China, and sets out for Malaya