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H4H Hair Formula (生髮寶) (Expiry Feb 23)

H4H Hair Formula (生髮寶) (Expiry Feb 23)

  • H4H Hair Formula (生髮寶) (Expiry Feb 23)

H4H Hair Formula (生髮寶) (Expiry Feb 23)


60 x 350mg capsules/box

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    Product Details
  • SKU: 888842522104
  • 60 capsules / box
  • 350mg / capsule

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    Product Details
  • SKU: 888842522104
  • 60 capsules / box
  • 350mg / capsule

Additional Information


    Eu Yan Sang H4H Hair Formula Capsules is made from a combination of natural herbal ingredients, specially formulated to enhance the quality of hair and reduce issues such as thinning or “greying” of existing hair.  It works by supporting the functions of the liver and kidney, invigorating and cooling the blood, and boosting circulation and metabolism to promote inner health. 

    By treating the source of the problem internally, it also increases the potential for the absorption of nutrients by the hair follicle, thus allowing any additional external hair treatments and diet modifications to work more efficiently.  Through the support of the liver and kidney functions, the formula can also aid maintenance of health and shiny hair.

    Reasons for Hair Thinning and “Greying”

    Hair thinning and “greying” at a relatively young age can be a source of concern and embarrassment – and the pressures of modern life are causing more and more people to suffer from early hair problems.  These worrying conditions can be relieved, but only by treating the underlying health-related problems that cause them.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the following factors contribute to hair thinning and “greying”: 

    Major factors:

    1. Poor kidney and liver functions, poor circulations, and devitalised blood preventing the hair from absorbing essential nutrients
    2. Insufficient “yin” essence, overheated blood
    3. Heredity deficiencies and patterns
    4. Poor blood circulation after childbirth
    5. Chronic illness or during the treatment for serious illnesses

    Additional lifestyle factors:

    1. Fatigue caused by overwork, health imbalances and stress
    2. Nutritional deficiencies resulting from poor diet, and the secretion of too much sebum by scalp
    3. Excessive chemical treatment of hair

    Professional Opinion

    A Professor who is a renowned expert in Chinese medicines says that, “Heredity aside, the possible factors that cause hair thinning and “greying” are poor kidney functions and a lack of blood in the liver, which effectively “starve” the hair of essential nutrients.  As a result, the hair thins out, turns grey or becomes very dry.  It is important, therefore to treat hair problems by supporting good liver and kidney functions, and replenishing the blood.  Another factor that contributes to hair thinning and “greying” is a deficiency of “yin” essence and retention of heat in the blood.  A formula that can invigorate and cool the blood can help this problem.

    Rejuvenates the liver and kidney functions, invigorates and replenishes the blood, improves circulation, stimulates hair growth and reduces the secretion of sebium by the scalp. The formula also helps to reduce hair loss and maintain healthy, shiny hair.

    Eu Yan Sang Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

    1. Follow a healthy diet and avoid eating too much fat.
    2. Include foods that are known to be beneficial to hair health such as fish, eggs, milk and foods that contain iodine, Vitamin A,B, E and P
    3. Set aside time for relaxing and exercising
    4. Take health supplements that promotes healthy hair regularly
    5. Don’t smoke and avoid too many late nights
    6. Avoid using chemical treatments on the hair such as tints and perms.  Protect your hair from the sun
    7. Massage your scalp with your fingertips when you wash it, as this improves circulation.  Don’t use very hot water to wash your hair


    Recommended Dosage:

    Two capsules twice daily, to be taken with lukewarm water.

    Each box contains 60 capsules.


    Product Details
  • SKU: 888842522104
  • 60 capsules / box
  • 350mg / capsule

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