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5 Almighty Herbs that Alleviates!

  • Click here for the full infographic.
  • 460x80_eys_almighty_wolfberries
  • A small, antioxidant-rich fruit packed with Beta-carotene beneficial to the eyes. It supports visual acuity and reduces eye fatigue, protects the liver and boost the immune system.
  • 460x80_eys_almighty_ginseng
  • An energy-boosting tonic that helps to relieve fatigue, cool off excess heat and replenish lost fluid during late nights.
  • 460x80_eys_almighty_ginkgo
  • Helps with memory and improve concentration.
  • 460x80_eys_almighty_cordyceps
  • This potent herb energises and improves stamina, supports immunity and overall health.
  • 460x80_eys_almighty_reddates
  • Rich in iron that nourishes blood and calms the overworked mind to induce more restful sleep.


American Ginseng and cordyceps Gingko Biloba Red Dates and Wolfberries


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