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8 things to note after dengue infection

By NATURA Magazine. 27 Jan 2014

In most cases, dengue infections involve mild symptoms similar to the common cold. However, some people suffer so severely that it could be considered life threatening. In handling cases of dengue infections, Physician Lin Xiao Yan from the Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic recommends the following measures:

1) Diligently measure the patient’s blood pressure and red blood cell count.

2) Ensure urine quantity is maintained and look out for instances of constipation.

3) For patients with bleeding symptoms, do not use alcohol during sponge baths.

4) While recovering, refrain from physical activities or exercise, stick to easily digestible, non-solid and nutritious food.

5) During the height of the infection, stay in bed, drink a lot of water, consume fresh fruits, refrain from spicy food, alcohol and cigarettes.

6) When experiencing bleeding gums, watch out for oral hygiene. For patients with itchy rashes, refrain from scratching to prevent the spread of infection.

7) If the patient’s fever breaks, but he presents within 24 hours symptoms such as stomachache, moist and cold skin or lowered blood pressure, he needs to be admitted to the hospital immediately.

8) Stay away from medications that lower white blood cell count, such as aspirin, quinine, cephalosporins and digitoxin.


Photo courtesy of Thinkstock. This article first appeared in NATURA magazine issue No.6.


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