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Double-Boiled Bird's Nest Soup

By NATURA Magazine.

Double-boiled Bird’s Nest Soup with Silky Chicken Dumpling and Ginseng

Ingredients (serves four)

20g  Bird’s Nest
800g Black Chicken
50g  American Ginseng
8 pieces
8 pieces Red Dates
20 pieces Wolfberries
20g  Chestnut
8 pieces Dumpling Skin
1500ml Mineral Water
  A pinch of Salt
  A handful of chopped Coriander



1. Debone and skin the Black Chicken.

2. Mince the chicken meat and save the carcass. Braise the Black Chicken carcass with American Ginseng, Almonds, Red Dates and Wolfberries for five hours.

3. Wrap the mixture of minced Black Chicken meat with Chestnuts, Parsley and a pinch of Salt in the Dumpling Skin.

4. After soaking the Bird’s Nest in mineral water for one hour, add it to the soup from earlier and simmer for 45 minutes.

5. Add the wantons to the soup and serve. 


Recipe courtesy of Executive Chef Martin Foo from the Tunglok Group. This article first appeared in NATURA magazine issue No.3.


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