Fish Maw with Lotus Root Soup

By EYSI. 27 Jan 2014

Fish Maw with Lotus Root Soup


10g   Shouwu (unprocessed)
300g Lotus Root (fresh, 1 root section)
10g Fish Maw (fried)
150g Lean Pork
5 pieces (unpitted) Red Dates
10g Longan Fruit
10g  White Dittany Bark
A liitle Salt
2 slices  Fresh Ginger
1200ml Water



1. Cut the lean pork into bite size pieces and scald with hot water.

2. Soak the fried fish maw until soften.

3. Bring the water to Boil, add all the herbs and ingredients and simmer for 1 hour.

4. Add salt to taste.



1. The property of Lotus Root will change as it is being cooked. The longer the roots are cooked, the darker (redder) the soup becomes. This increases the Blood nourishing property which otherwise is more cleansing.

2. Lotus Root combined with fish maw, besides being good for the skin, are also excellent food combination for confinement mothers. It is especially good for mothers who experience dryness and also those with blood stained discharge.


The recipes on this website are crafted and referenced from time-tested practices of Traditional Chinese herbalogy and classical Chinese medical texts. Readers should use their own discretion before incorporating the recipes into their diet and consult their doctor if they have any medical conditions.

Special Thanks to:

Mr Lee Jok Keng for concepts, general editing and comments on the recipes.