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What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health


What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

Did you know a way to tell the state of health is to stick one’s tongue out and say “Ahh”?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the tongue is believed to be connected with many organs through the meridians, which are the body’s energy pathways. Because of its connections with the rest of the body, the tongue is often thought to mirror one’s health and by studying it, provides valuable information on one’s health and whether it is balanced.

TCM practitioners have used tongue evaluation as a diagnostic method for ages. They will observe multiple characteristics of the tongue such as the tongue’s colour, coating movement and other characteristics such as cracks/teeth mark. By simply looking at the tongue, a trained TCM practitioner can identify the health of one’s internal organs – from kidneys to liver, and even heart. This is based on the idea that the tongue provides a geographic map to body organs, as it is connected to them by energy pathways known as meridians.

The Many Colours of a Tongue

Ideally, your tongue should be pink. A pink tongue reflects good health and balanced internal Yin and Yang. If one’s tongue is not pink, here are some ideas about what the colour of the tongue might indicate.

White or Pale

According to TCM, a pale tongue indicates a blood, Qi or Yang deficiency. In addition to the change in colour on your tongue, symptoms can manifest in the form of breathlessness, fatigue, and cold limbs.

Fortunately, these deficiencies may be remedied with the consumption of TCM such as Cracked Lingzhi Spores, which replenish the Qi and improve blood circulation throughout the body. It is also known to strengthen the immune system and provide energy.

It’s worth noting that white patches on the tongue might indicate fungal infection or commonly known as oral thrush. Another differential diagnosis might be leukoplakia, which main culprit is thought to be chronic smoking and may indicate the potential of oral cancer. It is advisable to seek medical attention if you noticed unusual persistent changes in your mouth.

Purple Red Tongue with Black Spots

TCM suggests that the purple or dark tongue indicates blood stagnation or poor blood circulation. Dull skin, body ache, cold limbs, chest pain are common accompanying symptoms.

Natural ingredients such as red dates, Chinese Angelica root, goji berries, and root of the Chinese fleece flower could help with blood. Eu Yan Sang’s Kidney Tonic Soup contains the essential ingredients that promote blood circulation.


A red tongue in TCM often points towards excessive heat in the body or a Yin deficiency. Swollen, red tongue with a yellow-greasy coating translate to damp heat, often seen in those who experience chronic inflammatory conditions, skin problems, irritable and sticky stool. Whereas Yin deficiency is characterised by red to crimson tongue, usually thin, little to no coating and cracks, typical in someone who struggles with irritability, night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes due to menopause, joint or muscle stiffness and constipation.

Codonopsis roots, or Dang Shen, are believed to replenish the body’s Yin.

Other Notable Tongue Descriptors

The colour of the tongue isn’t the only thing that one should take note of. The size, teeth mark, cracks and appearance of the tongue’s coating are also taken into consideration while a TCM practitioner does tongue examination. If one notice any persistent unusual changes in the appearance of the tongue, it is best to seek medical attention or consult a TCM practitioner.

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