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Japanese Ampelopsis Root

Herb name (Chinese): 白蔹
Herb name (Pin Yin): bái liǎn
Herb name (English): Japanese Ampelopsis Root
Herb name (Botanical): Radix Ampelopsis
Origin of species: Ampelopsis japonica (Thunb.) Makino
Part(s) of herb used: Root tuber
Geo-specific habitat(s): Northern and eastern parts of China, Southern provinces including Guangxi and Guangdong
Taste(s) & Properties: • Bitter, pungent
• Slightly cold
• Administrates the Heart and Stomach Meridians
Action(s): • Relieves heat and toxins, and reduce swelling relating to inflammatory conditions
• Often used to help in recovery for very dry or scalded skin, swollen sores or carbuncles