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Herb Image

Tree Peony Bark

Herb name (Chinese): 牡丹皮
Herb name (Pin Yin): mǔ dān pí
Herb name (English): Tree Peony Bark
Herb name (Botanical): Cortex Moutan
Origin of species: Paeonia suffruticosa Andr
Part(s) of herb used: Root bark
Geo-specific habitat(s): Anhui, Shandong
Taste(s) & Properties: • Bitter, pungent
• Slightly cold
• Administrates the Heart, Liver and Kidney Meridians
Action(s): • Ideal for individuals with heat-related illnesses, internal body heat symptoms such as no sweating, fever, hot flushes, or constant thirst, or blood spots under the skin, nose bleeding, and blood in faeces or urine
• Relieves menstrual pain or pain resulting from physical injuries
• Invigorate blood circulation and remove blood stasis to relieves carbuncles and sores